rêver mieux

Pour rêver mieux

Short musical film

Pour rêver mieux

In this poetic tableau set to the sounds of Rêver mieux by Daniel Bélanger, Quebecers of different cultural backgrounds and Indigenous descent fill the screen one after another. They are too often forgotten or underrepresented. Here, their faces light up to form a vibrant, multihued panorama. We catch sight of their wonderful existence and practically make out their dreams. Let’s share them and celebrate them. So that our Quebec may dream a whole lot better.

Pour Rêver mieux (To Dream A Whole Lot Better) project is a fully independent initiative, produced without funding. This artistic statement is part of broader awareness-raising efforts to encourage dialogue and engagement on the crucial issue of cultural diversity.


Lyrics & Music

Music Directors

Liu-Kong Ha

Philippe Brault


Ines Talbi

Soleil Launiere

La Bronze

Franck Julien


André Papanicolaou

Film Director

Khoa Le


John Londono

Sound Recordist

Dimitri Medard

Offline Editor

Salvador Valdez (Chop Chop)

Online Editors

Colin Beaudry (Chop Chop)

Victor Ghizaru (Chop Chop)

Sound Design

Marie-Pierre Grenier