Hi. My name is Khoa. I am a Montreal-based filmmaker, stage director and video designer, author of feature films, documentaries, essays and video installations. I seek to create objects that blur the limits of the sacred, the banal, the real and the imaginary. My quest for freedom, my desire to expose the artist's creative gestures and impulses pushes me to transcend formal boundaries.

I also work in advertising and marketing as a creative and film director for the production company Les Enfants. My accomplished artistic background topped with my expertise in strategic content marketing makes me an innovative force. My ability to understand and empathize with other humans is conveyed through my every medium – whether it be through a commercial or an artistic project. I always maintains humanity in the heart of my approach.


La magie, c’est les autres

Comment rencontrer ?

Repenser et décomplexer la sexualité

À destination : Le Vietnam

KHOA : Quand ne pas avoir peur de l'échec donne de bien belles choses

Un spectacle en sept fois,
plutôt qu’une

Dans nos villes: décliner la ville

Dans nos villes: imagination libre,
improvisation mixte

Dear Criminals dans la brume
pour le clip de The Frame

Bà nôi (Grand-maman_ de Khoa Lê

Et en français, of course!

On being Vietnamese in Montreal & vice versa

Khoa Lê / Bà Nôi : La dame de Dalat

Radio Interview at Medium Large

Khoa Lê : une relation transcendante avec sa grand-mère

Review: Bà Nôi (Grandma)

Awards and Recognitions

AWARDS Nomination for Best Documentary Award - Bà nôi

Best New Talent - Bà nôi

Inspirit Pluralism Prize - Bà nôi

People's Choice Award - Lan & Lea

Radio-Canada International - Migr@tion 2013

Jury Award - Lan & Lea

Radio-Canada International - Migr@tion 2013

Explore & Create Grant

Research & Creation Grant

Research & Creation Grant

Aide à la production

Research & Creation Grant

SCAM Grant

Société civile des auteurs multimédia 2011

Script Development Grant

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