Dans nos villes

Dans nos villes


Dans nos villes

Dans nos villes is a show like a happening, a series of performances throughout Montreal that take a look at the communities of big cities, their relation to success, ambition, sacrifice and individualism, all the while searching for what is left of the sacred in our lives.

Filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Khoa Lê gathered twenty artists around this project. A writer wove a tale inspired by the legends of Vietnam — an actress performs it live — seven artists illustrated it in video segments that follow their own vision and artistic approach — a scenographer adapts their projections and the show’s mechanic to every venue — and seven audio artists take turn creating the soundscape of the piece.

By adapting to its venues and the work of its artists and designers, Dans nos villes becomes a festive and eclectic encounter between the artists and the public in a mix of genres, art forms, artistic approaches and cultures.

Curator & Stage Direction

Khoa Lê


Macha Limonchik


Jonathan Bernier

Audio Artists

Beaver Sheppard


Gabriel Dharmoo


Simon Gervais

Dear Criminals

Ben Shemie

Video artists

Julie Tremble

Félix-Antoine Boutin

Julie Favreau

Scorpion Dagger

Jean-François Lesage

Diane Obomsawin

Stage Design

Odile Gamache


Caroline Boucher-Boudrea


Mathieu Denoncourt